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KeyboardKit App 3.1 is out!

May 15, 2024 releasesapp

A new version of the KeyboardKit app is out! The new 3.1 version adds many new features, such as support for a numeric input toolbar, iPad Pro keyboard layouts, and 68 locales in total.

KeyboardKit 8.4

Mar 26, 2024 releasesdocumentationemojis

KeyboardKit 8.4 is out. This version uses Swift 5.9, adds support for visionOS, drastically improves the docs, makes many emoji features open-source, introduces modifier-applied styles, and more.

New Feature Articles

Feb 6, 2024 general

The KeyboardKit site and online documentation have been extensive rewritten to be more up to date and have more code samples, images, etc.

iPad Pro Layout Support

Feb 6, 2024 general

KeyboardKit 8.3 is out. It adds new features, fixes some bugs, and also adds iPad Pro layout support to KeyboardKit Pro.

KeyboardKit 8.1

Dec 10, 2023 releasesautocompletelocalization

KeyboardKit 8.1 is out, with some autocomplete and localization improvements. Pro users will also be able to choose language at setup, instead of being bound to the license. Let’s take a look.

KeyboardKit 7.9.7 Hotfix

Nov 13, 2023 releases

A KeyboardKit 7.9.7 hotfix is out, that adds a fix for an occasional crash that can happen the keyboard hosting controller is deinitialized.

KeyboardKit 8

Oct 30, 2023 releases

KeyboardKit 8 is finally out! This is a huge update with lots of changes and improvements. Let’s take a look at what you can expect.

KeyboardKit 8 - Release Candidate 3

Oct 26, 2023 releases

KeyboardKit 8 RC 3 is out for public access! It adds more migration guides, makes system keyboard previews easier to use and makes the emoji keyboard resolve automatically even for custom views.

Incorrect e-mail

Jul 13, 2023 general

The e-mail address on this site has been down for a while. Please read this if you’ve tried to contact us in the last few weeks.

KeyboardKit 7.7

Jun 5, 2023 releasesactionsemojisgesturesthemes

KeyboardKit 7.7 is out! This release provides a much better fast-typing experience by introducing a release outside tolerance, tweaks the emoji keyboards and has many other nice features and fixes.

KeyboardKit 7.6

May 16, 2023 releasesdictationemojis

KeyboardKit 7.6 is out! This release fixes a dictation-related problem when submitting apps to the App Store Connect and has a bunch of dictation and emoji-related features and fixes.

Dictation changes

May 15, 2023 dictation

KeyboardKit 7.6 will fix a dictation-related problem, where you had to add dictation permissions to your app when submitting it to the App Store, even if you didn’t use the dictation feature.

KeyboardKit 7.5

May 1, 2023 releasesdictationappearancethemes

KeyboardKit 7.5 is out! It improves the dictation and theme engines and makes them easier to use. It also greatly improves the way KeyboardKit handles locales. It now correctly changes the primary language, which affects text direction, spellchecking and more.

New Dictation Engine

Apr 20, 2023 prodictation

KeyboardKit 7.3 added a beta version of a new dictation engine, that lets you start dictation from a keyboard, perform dictation in the app, then handle the result in the keyboard. Let’s take a look.

New Emojis

Apr 18, 2023 emojis

The upcoming KeyboardKit 7.4 adds new emojis that were added in iOS 16.4, macOS 13.3, tvOS 16.4 and watchOS 9.4, as well as new emoji version tools.

Improved autocomplete

Mar 11, 2023 autocomplete

The KeyboardKit autocomplete experience will be drastically improved in the next minor version. Let’s take a look at what it does and how you can try it out and provide feedback before it goes live.

KeyboardKit 7.1

Mar 9, 2023 releasesautocompletelocalizationlayout

KeyboardKit 7.1 is out! This minor release fixes a few bugs that were introduced in the 7.0 release, adds a brand new autocomplete experience, improves the locale picker context menu and makes it easier than ever to setup KeyboardKit.

Improved locale context menu

Mar 8, 2023 localization

KeyboardKit 7.1 will patch a few things that were overlooked in the 7.0 release. One such thing is improving the locale context menu that is presented when long pressing a locale switcher button.

KeyboardKit 7.0

Feb 27, 2023 releases

KeyboardKit 7.0 is out! This major release cleans up and streamlines the library and adds a bunch of new features and improvements that will help taking KeyboardKit to the next level.

How to open your System Settings app screen

Feb 20, 2023 settings

KeyboardKit has utilities to easily let you open your app’s System Settings screen. However, you may have noticed that it behaves a little random, and sometimes open the System Settings root instead of your app. Let’s take a look at how to improve this.

KeyboardKit 7 RC

Feb 16, 2023 releasesappearancemulti-platform

The KeyboardKit 7.0 Release Candidate is finally out and ready to be tested! There many changes and a fair share of breaking changes, so make sure to test it and reach out with feedback, bugs etc.

KeyboardKit 6.9 is out

Jan 10, 2023 releasesmulti-platform

KeyboardKit 6.9 is out, with many new features, as well as changes and deprecations that will help you prepare for and transition to KeyboardKit 7.0, which will be a big step forward for the library.

Keyboard Typing Explained

Nov 24, 2022 gestures

KeyboardKit is getting a new gesture engine that will make the typing experience a lot closer to the one in native iOS keyboards. But have you ever considered what is involved in typing on a software keyboard? It’s actually a complex combination of gestures and features. Let’s take a closer look at it.

KeyboardKit 6.4 is out

Oct 4, 2022 releaseslocalizationmulti-platform

KeyboardKit 6.4 is out, and it’s a pretty big one! It provides a new locales, makes a bunch of stuff available on more platforms and converts a bunch of extensions to protocols, so that they show up in the documentation and more types can use them.

Multi-platform improvements

Sep 2, 2022 multi-platform

KeyboardKit 6.4 will unlock a bunch of types, extensions, mocks and tests for all platforms, which will give you more tools if you develop for macOS, tvOS and watchOS.

KeyboardKit 6.0 is out

Feb 23, 2022 releasespromulti-platform

KeyboardKit 6.0 is out, with features such as multi-platform support and new features, adjustments and bug ixes! 🚀 This post describes what it contains and how to best migrate from 5.x.

KeyboardKit 5.6 is out

Jan 5, 2022 releaseslocalization

KeyboardKit 5.6 is out! 🚀 It adds support for for 🇧🇷 Brazilian, 🇮🇪 Irish, 🇵🇹 Portuguese and 🇹🇷 Turkish and makes it easier to setup system keyboards.

KeyboardKit 5.4 is out

Dec 19, 2021 releasesemojis

KeyboardKit 5.4 is out 🚀 It adds almost 300 new emojis, removes AnyView usage in many places and makes it possible to run KeyboardKit keyboards in the main app.

KeyboardKit 5.3 is out

Nov 24, 2021 releaseslocalization

KeyboardKit 5.3 is out. This version adds support for 🇦🇱 Albanian, 🇮🇸 Icelandic and 🇵🇱 Polish and adds a bunch of new Pro and non-Pro features.

KeyboardKit 5.2 is out

Nov 2, 2021 releaseslocalization

KeyboardKit 5.2 is out. This version adds support for 🇷🇺 Russian and 🇺🇦 Ukrainian and bumps the package’s Swift version to 5.5 to enable DocC support.

KeyboardKit App

Sep 22, 2021 app

The KeyboardKit app has been finished and sent to the App Store for review. If approved, this app will let you create custom keyboards directly on your phone and iPad.

KeyboardKit Pro

Feb 18, 2021 releasesprolocalization

The KeyboardKit family has a new member - KeyboardKit Pro! It’s a closed-source extension to the open-source library and unlocks pro features that are not available in the core library.

Removing UIKit support in KeyboardKit

Jan 15, 2021 xcodespm

This post will discuss why KeyboardKit will remove UIKit-specific tools from the library in the upcoming 4.0 release. You will still be able to use KeyboardKit with UIKit, but the library itself will not contain UIKit-specific tools, system keyboards, demo apps etc.