Gurray Indigenous Keyboard

Oct 16, 2023 case-study

Say hello to Gurray - a keyboard for indigenous communication, developed by Anomaly Software.

Gurray icon

Gurray is a keyboard for indigenous communication, built by Anomaly Software with KeyboardKit for the WCC Language Program.

The WCC LP develops a large variety of both digital and physical resources including dictionary apps, flash cards, learning games, online learning platforms and toolkits.

WCC LP approached Anomaly with a vision of using cutting-edge technologies like computer vision to build delightful educational and communication experiences.

Anomaly built Gurray to match iOS and Android standards, using KeyboardKit for the iOS keyboard. It integrates support for the WCC LP countries and communities.

Enabling communication between people is a key focus for KeyboardKit, so it’s amazing to see Gurray launch with focus on indigenous communication.

You can download Gurray from the App Store and read more about the WWDC LP here!