Exciting news about the KeyboardKit Pro license model

Oct 25, 2023 prolicenses

KeyboardKit 8 will make some really exciting changes to the KeyboardKit Pro license model, that will make it possible to finally offer immediate license activation, free trials, and a monthly plan.

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As part of the KeyboardKit 8 release, the KeyboardKit Pro license will take a huge step forward, as the 4 Gumroad products will be replaced by a 3-tier subscription.

What does this mean for new customers?

  • A monthly plan will be available for all tiers.
  • You can enjoy a 7-day FREE TRIAL when signing up.
  • Licenses will be activated immediately upon purchase.
  • You can renew the same license instead of purchasing a new one.

Go with the yearly plan to save on the total cost, or spread out your license cost with the monthly plan. The new yearly plans are actually even a bit cheaper than the current ones.

If you’re a long-time customer, just reach out when it’s time to upgrade your license. We’ll set up so you can transition to the new yearly plan at your existing rate.

These changes will hopefully provide the flexibility that many has reached out regarding, to be able to try before you buy, to meet a tight budget, etc.

Just reach out with any thoughts you may have on this change to the license model, which will go live as KeyboardKit 8 launches on November 1st.