About KeyboardKit

KeyboardKit helps you build custom keyboards for iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS, using native technologies like Swift and SwiftUI.

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KeyboardKit is an open-source software library (SDK) that helps you build custom keyboards for iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS, using native technologies like Swift and SwiftUI.

What is a custom keyboard?

A custom keyboard, or keyboard extension as it’s actually called, is a small application that you can ship together with your app.

A custom keyboard can replace the standard system keyboard with a custom keyboard view, and can be used together with any app that supports typing text.

After installing your app, users can activate your custom keyboard in System Settings and use that keyboard instead of the standard system keyboard when typing.

Why build a custom keyboard?

A custom keyboard is the only way for your app, technology or brand to be used with other apps on iPhone and iPad.

If you have great language tools, a superb autocomplete engine or just want to style or customize the keyboard or improve the typing experience, a custom keyboard is the way to go.

Why use KeyboardKit?

When building a custom keyboard, the native tools are very limited, and basically only lets you set up a custom view, get text from and send text to the focused text field, and move the input cursor.

KeyboardKit extends these native tools with a lot more features and lets you create customizable keyboards that supports 61 locales with just a few lines of code.

Why is KeyboardKit great?

KeyboardKit supercharges your keyboard, supports many native keyboard features and gets you up and running in a few minutes, with very little code required.

KeyboardKit is free and open-source, which means that you have full access to the source code, and that anyone can contribute to make it better.

Is KeyboardKit actually free?

KeyboardKit is open-source and free to use, but you can of course sponsor the project if you like it and want to support its ongoing development.

There is also a license-based KeyboardKit Pro extension that unlocks pro features, support for all locales, autocomplete, an emoji keyboard and additional emoji tools (categories, skintones, version information, etc.), dictation, themes etc.

Who are we?

KeyboardKit is developed by Kankoda in lovely Stockholm, Sweden.

We are experts in Swift, SwiftUI and software development for iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS, so don’t hesitate to reach out if want us to help you out with your apps or scaling your tech stack.