KeyboardKit 5.4 is out

Dec 19, 2021 releasesemojis

KeyboardKit 5.4 is out ๐Ÿš€ It adds almost 300 new emojis, removes AnyView usage in many places and makes it possible to run KeyboardKit keyboards in the main app.

KeyboardKit 5.4 adds 293 new emojis, making the built-in emojis up to date with the latest emoji versions.

The emoji project is truly a celebration of our planet, the creates on it and the richness of the human race and its cultures. This last emoji iteration is just amazing.

For instance, all persons have been extended with a gender-neutral emoji, which just signals the equal values of every human on this planet. Unless you are of royal birth - thereโ€™s still just a prince and a princess. Bummer!

Also, the emoji project now covers more cultures, impairments, instruments, sports etc. etc. Itโ€™s so impressive and fun to add these additions to KeyboardKit.

Furthermore, @danielpunkass has added utils that make it possible to add a KeyboardInputViewController to the main app, which means that you can run KeyboardKit keyboards within the main app.

@digitalheir has also made a HUGE commitment and removed almost all usages of AnyView within the library. This makes many views generic and avoids wrapping custom views in AnyViews, which is win for SwiftUI.

All in all, this is a huge release - hope you like it! The upcoming 5.5 will hopefully manage to add support for at least one RTL language. Stay tuned and follow KeyboardKit on Twitter or this blog for more updates.