KeyboardKit 8 - Release Candidate 2

Oct 24, 2023 releases

KeyboardKit 8 RC 2 is now out for public access! This is an update to release candidate 1 (rc1) and adjusts a few things to prepare the library for the upcoming release.

KeyboardKit logo

💡 Changes

A big change in RC2 is that the KeyboardKit Pro setupPro(...) function is no longer throwing. Instead, errors are written to a new property, which can be read if the setup fails.

Furthermore, the License.register(...) function has been made async, to support upcoming changes to the license model. This will affect you if you use Pro in the main app.

KeyboardKit Pro updates the license error message and makes it look a lot nicer. It will also be presented as a dialog above the keyboard view, instead of replacing it. It can also be hidden.

Lastly, KeyboardStyle.Background lets you define images in more ways, Emojis.Category automatically filters out unavailable emojis, and Emojis.Version has more capabilities.

🐛 Bug fixes

RC2 has more bug fixes. Emojis.Version fixes a Unicode 15 error for iOS version availability and FeedbackConfiguration is adjusted to no longer use .enabled as the disabled audio config.

Migrating to KeyboardKit 8

The best way to migrate to KeyboardKit 8, is to first upgrade to 7.9.6, which contains a lot of deprecations to guide the transition. The RC1 announcement article describes this in more detail.

…and much more

KeyboardKit 8.0 is a massive update to KeyboardKit, with many important changes. You will most probably be affected by some of the deprecations, but the library will guide through it.

The release notes has a full list of changes, as well as downloads for the updated documentation for KeyboardKit and KeyboardKit Pro.