KeyboardKit 5.1 is out

Oct 17, 2021 releaseslocalization

Sveika, Latvija! KeyboardKit 5.1 is out, with new features and support for 🇪🇪 Estonian, 🇱🇻 Latvian and 🇱🇹 Lithuanian. Sākam rakstīt!

KeyboardKit 5.1 finally adds ways for the main app to detect if full access has been granted. This makes it possible to instruct users to enable this feature if your keyboard requires it.

This new version also adds ways for the main app to check if a certain keyboard is currently being used in a text field. This makes it possible to e.g. instruct users how to change keyboards until your specific keyboard is selected.

The version also fixes some callout bugs that caused the input and secondary action callouts to not look as native as intended.

Together with three new locales, KeyboardKit 5.1 is a pretty nice update to the 5.0 that was released almost a week ago.