Type Devanagari Sanskrit Keyboard

Oct 13, 2023 case-study

Say hello to Type Devanagari - a Sanskrit keyboard, developed by @NatashaTheRobot.

Type Devanagari icon

Type Devanagari is a Sanskrit keyboard, build by @NatashaTheRobot with KeyboardKit.

After starting to learn Sanskrit several years ago, Natasha was surprised to find that the only Sanskrit language keyboard available on iPhone / iPad was the built-in one.

The built-in keyboard was very difficult to use and required a whole new system to learn for typing.

“No matter how much I used it, it never became easy, fast, or natural. It became impossible to look up Sanskrit words on the go on mobile as typing each word took such a long time.”

This is when Natasha got the idea to create a Sanskrit keyboard using the standard English keyboard, with a few extra characters inspired by the IAST roman script for Devanagari.

“KeyboardKit made it very simple and quick to actually make it! Thank you.”

Stories like these are so inspiring! Creating a custom keyboard extension shouldn’t have to be hard or take a long time. It’s wonderful to hear that Natasha enjoyed building her keyboard with KeyboardKit.

You can download Type Devanagari on the App Store.