New Themes and Styles

Apr 19, 2023 proappearancethemes

The upcoming KeyboardKit 7.4 adds many new style variations to the existing themes, as well as a brand new Aestetic theme from the community.

KeyboardKit icon with emojis

New standard theme styles

The Standard theme is extended with new style variations. The addition of .green, .purple and .yellow means that the standard theme now has 6 color variations in total.

Standard Green Standard Purple Standard Yellow

Both Swifty and Minimal now support standard theme style variations, which means that they can be styled in the same way as the standard theme, for instance:

Swifty Green Minimal Purple

This change means that it will be a lot easier to add new styles to all these themes moving forward.

Renamed Candy theme

The Candy theme will be renamed to Candy Shop and add a new, tasty .cuppyCake style:

Candy Shop - Cuppy Cake

The theme should have a playful background image, to give a picnicky kind of vibe, but it has to be added in a future update.

New Aesthetic theme

The new Aesthetic theme comes from the community. It’s a bit experimental at this point, but it currently has a .boho style that fits the Boho aesthetic:

Aesthetic - Boho

Future versions may add more style configuration options, but the theme can currently change the background and button styles of all button types.


KeyboardKit 7.4 adds many new emojis and emoji-related features, as well as new themes and style variations to existing themes. See this page for a list of all available themes.

KeyboardKit 7.4 will be released during the second half of April.


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