KeyboardKit App

Sep 22, 2021 app

The KeyboardKit app has been finished and sent to the App Store for review. If approved, this app will let you create custom keyboards directly on your phone and iPad.


One of the many goals with the KeyboardKit library has always been to build something on top of it, to really put the library to the test and use all of KeyboardKit’s features in a real-world product.

Today, the app has finally been sent to Apple for review. It will hopefuly be out on the App Store in a couple of days.

New website

As part of the app development process, it soon became clear that mixing information about the open source project and the app became pretty confusing. For instance, KeyboardKit Pro is the closed-source extension to the open-source library, while KeyboardKit Premium is a monthly app subscription that unlocks premium content and features in the app.

To avoid any confusion, there is a new website for the app. It’s very basic as of now, but may come to include links and QR codes to some of the themes generated by the community.

The app

The app is designed for iOS and iPadOS and uses the latest Apple technologies, like SwiftUI 3, StoreKit 2 and more. It targets iOS/iPadOS 15 and will be globally available.

The app lets you create keyboards and themes. Keyboards can be customized with a language, a theme and settings. Themes can define things like colors, border, shadows and more.

The app is pretty basic now, but there are many powerful features planned for the future.