KeyboardKit App 3.1 is out!

May 15, 2024 releasesapp

A new version of the KeyboardKit app is out! The new 3.1 version adds many new features, such as support for a numeric input toolbar, iPad Pro keyboard layouts, and 68 locales in total.

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The new locales that are added in this version are French (Canada), Norwegian (Nynorsk), Spanish (Latin America), Spanish (Mexico), and Welsh, which means that the app now supports 68 locales.

The settings screen has been cleaned up and restructured a bit, to be easier to use. It improves the preview keyboard, and now lets you enable a numeric toolbar with a simple toggle button.

The rest of the app has been redesigned and cleaned up a bit as well. For instance, the theme form is a lot easier to use than before.

The new iPad Pro layout has been added to all locales. This means that you can enjoy the iPad Pro typing experience even if you are on an older iPad device.

We hope you like this new version of the KeyboardKit app!

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