Incorrect e-mail

Jul 13, 2023 general

The e-mail address on this site has been down for a while. Please read this if you’ve tried to contact us in the last few weeks.

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As you may have read in this post, a new KeyboardKit app is currently being developed. During the ongoing test phase, a beta tester reached out and wrote that he had tried to contact us via the app, but that the e-mail had bounced.

As we looked into it, it turns out that the recently created that is meant to replace the old one has been incorrectly configured since a while back, causing e-mails to bounce.

If you have tried to reach out lately and haven’t heard back, this is most probably the reason why. We are working on getting it back up and apologize for any inconveniences that you may have had.

Until this is fixed, you can use the old as before.