Test licenses and additional bundle IDs

Apr 7, 2023 prolicenses

KeyboardKit Pro 7.3 introduces test and development licenses and additional bundle IDs, which can be added to a base license at a discounted price.

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Ever since it was launched, KeyboardKit Pro has required a separate license for every app. This now changes with the addition of Test Licenses and Additional Bundle IDs.

Test Licenses

You have so far not been able to use any internal test or developer versions or your apps with your KeyboardKit Pro license, since their bundle IDs don’t match the IDs registered in the license. So far, this has required you to purchase a full license for each test version.

It’s therefore exciting to announce that KeyboardKit Pro 7.3 will introduce a brand new Test License that will let you add additional test and developer licenses to a base license at a 50% discount per license. All customers who currently pay full price for this will be automatically migrated to the new plan, with a “sorry for taking so long” discount applied to their next license renewal.

Additional Bundle IDs

KeyboardKit 7.3 also formalizes a model for adding additional bumdle IDs to a base license, as long as the additional bundle is part of the main application and uses its bundle ID as prefix.

Additional bundle IDs can be added to a base license at a 50% discount per ID. This will let you use your license in more keyboard extension, widgets etc.


Test licenses can’t be converted to production licenses and must never be used in production apps. If a test license is released on the App Store, the license may be revoked without warning.

Additional bundle IDs can not be used to include multiple applications in the same license. You can of course still get a discount when buying multiple licenses, but that’s not the idea with this feature.

Test licenses and additional bundles are currently not available in the e-shop, and currently require manual handling. Just reach out if you want to use these features.


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