KeyboardKit 5.2 is out

Nov 2, 2021 releaseslocalization

KeyboardKit 5.2 is out. This version adds support for 🇷🇺 Russian and 🇺🇦 Ukrainian and bumps the package’s Swift version to 5.5 to enable DocC support.

By adding DocC support, the documentation has been updated to allow for topics, cross-linking etc. It will be improved in future versions, to contain getting started guides etc. but for now it’s pretty basic.

You can download the documentation from the project website or find a zipped version in the Docs root folder. Unzip the zip file and execute the unzipped file to open the documentation in Xcode.

If you want to help out to get the documentation live hosted on a web server, please reach out. It would be greatly appreciated.

This version also contains some bug fixes. Please see the release notes for more information.