KeyboardKit Pro

Feb 18, 2021 releasesprolocalization

The KeyboardKit family has a new member - KeyboardKit Pro! It’s a closed-source extension to the open-source library and unlocks pro features that are not available in the core library.


KeyboardKit Pro adds support for more locales, currently English, German, Italian and Swedish.

Locale support includes locale-specific input sets, keyboard layouts and secondary callout actions, which means that you can easily change the entire locale of a system keyboard.

More locales will be added over time. Create an issue or reach out if you have a suggestion for or need a specific locale.


KeyboardKit Pro will include a fully functional autocomplete engine. This feature is being developed and is currently not available.


KeyboardKit Pro requires a Pro license, which can be requested here. There are three available tiers, depending on your needs.

Project Site

KeyboardKit Pro developer information and binaries are available at the GitHub project site.