Hayatar Armenian keyboard

Aug 2, 2023 case-study

Say hello to Hayatar - an Armenian keyboard, developed by Arshak Aghakaryan.

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Hayatar is created by Arshak Aghakaryan, who wanted to improve the Armenian typing experience.

The story of the Armenian typing experience on iOS is quite sad. The system comes with a default Armenian keyboard, but the layout is not the one that most who write in Armenian are used to.

Although several Armenian keyboards exists, neither has a layout or a native UI that Arshak expected. As he got an iPad, he started experiencing even more issues with the 3rd party app that he was using.

I decided to try and build a keyboard I’d be happy to use myself. I discovered KeyboardKit and fell into a rabbit hole of third-party keyboard development :)

After some time in development, Hayatar is now available on the App Store. It’s open-source, looks and feels native, is customizable and syncs changes using iCloud.

Plus, it was designed by an Armenian typer for Armenian typers, so it really fits the language.

Hayatar screenshots

As you can see in these screenshots, Hayatar provides you with great Armenian alphabetic, numeric and symbolic keyboard layouts, as well as features like autocomplete and secondary callout actions.

KeyboardKit is definitely one of my favorite packages now!

It’s amazing to hear that Arshak enjoyed using KeyboardKit.

Download Hayatar today, to improve your Armenian typing experience.