AI Support

KeyboardKit unlocks capabilities that are needed for AI.


This page provides a short summary. Please see the online documentation for more information.


Apple’s native keyboard APIs have limitations that makes it hard to support AI-based features. For instance, keyboards can’t by default read the entire document or let users type within the keyboard.

KeyboardKit Pro unlocks features that make it easier to add AI-based functionality to a keyboard.

Full Document Reader

Keyboard extensions are by default only able to get a little text before and after the input cursor. This makes it hard to implement AI-based text analysis, spellchecking, and proof reading.

KeyboardKit Pro unlocks ways to read all text from a text field, using the fullDocumentContext text document proxy extensions that are unlocked by the Silver and Gold tiers.

Text Routing

Keyboard extensions will by default type into the active app. Adding text fields to the keyboard extension doesn’t work, since the keyboard will still send text to the main app.

KeyboardKit Pro unlocks ways to route text from the main app to text fields within the keyboard extension. It also has a KeyboardTextField that handles this automatically.


The information on this page has been shortened to be easier to overview. For more information about this feature, code samples, etc. please see the online documentation.

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KeyboardKit comes with a bunch of essential features and types.



KeyboardKit has many keyboard actions and ways to handle them.


AI Support

KeyboardKit unlocks capabilities that are needed for AI.



KeyboardKit can perform autocomplete and autocorrect.



KeyboardKit can style any view as a keyboard button.



KeyboardKit can show input and secondary callouts.



KeyboardKit defines a bunch of keyboard-related colors.


Device Utilities

KeyboardKit has a bunch of device-specific utilities.



KeyboardKit can perform dictation from the keyboard.



KeyboardKit defines an emoji type with a lot of information.


External Keyboards

KeyboardKit can detect external keyboards.



KeyboardKit can trigger audio and haptic feedback.



KeyboardKit has rich, keyboard-specific gestures.



KeyboardKit defines a bunch of keyboard-related images.



KeyboardKit defines dynamic input sets and keyboard layouts.



KeyboardKit supports 60+ locales.



KeyboardKit lets you open urls and other apps.



KeyboardKit lets you preview views and components in SwiftUI.


Proxy Utilities

KeyboardKit makes the text document proxy do a LOT more.



KeyboardKit has a bunch of settings tools.



KeyboardKit detects if a keyboard is enabled, has full access, etc.



KeyboardKit lets you style your keyboards to great extent.


Text Routing

KeyboardKit kan route text to other places.



KeyboardKit lets you style your keyboards with themes.



KeyboardKit adds many keyboard-related views.