KeyboardKit Pro Support

KeyboardKit Pro has many optional support levels

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KeyboardKit Pro has different support levels, that are based on the license tiers and your needs.

Support Levels

GitHub Issues

All license customers can use GitHub Issues to get help with problems, request features, discuss etc. This is also where the product roadmap is managed and future versions are planned.

E-mail Support

Silver, Gold and Custom license customers can reach out over e-mail at any time to get help with problems, ask questions, schedule paid support, etc.

Prioritized Support

Gold license customers have prioritized support, which means that their needs will be considered and prioritized when planning bug fixes and future releases.

Dedicated Support

Custom license customers can customize the support level to fit their needs, include a custom set of included support tickets, schedule recurring support activites, pay for recurring support, etc.


Onboarding Call

Gold customers have the option to connect over an initial onboarding call, where we’ll discuss your needs and help you get started.

Monthly Call

Gold customers have the option to opt-in to a monthly call, where we can keep track of your project, discuss any problems or questions that you may have, etc.

KeyboardKit Discord Server

The KeyboardKit Discord server is available to all Gold and Custom customers, and offers private, company-specific channels as well as public ones. Reach out if you want an invite.