KeyboardKit is customizable

KeyboardKit keyboards can be customized to great extent.

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KeyboardKit can be customized to great extent. You can adjust input keys, keyboard layout, change how every individual key looks and behaves, and much more.


KeyboardKit comes with a styling engine that lets you change the button images and texts, as well as colors, fonts, shadows, callouts, etc. for any part of the keyboard.

KeyboardKit Pro unlocks a theme engine that makes it even easier to style the keyboard. You can use the themes that come with the engine and create your own.


KeyboardKit has a layout engine that let you customize the keys of a keyboard. You can replace, remove and insert single or multiple keys, or create a completely custom layout.

KeyboardKit Pro unlocks localized input sets and keyboard layouts for all languages in your license. You can use them as they are, or customize them further.


KeyboardKit lets you customize the callouts that are shown when users type and long press a key that has secondary actions.

KeyboardKit Pro unlocks localized callout actions for all the languages that your license includes. You can use them as they are, or customize them further.


KeyboardKit uses services for most behavior, such as an action handler that handles key presses. feedback, etc. All these services can be replaced by your own custom implementations.

KeyboardKit Pro unlocks pro services, such as local and remote autocomplete, an action handler that registers the most recent emojis, etc. You can use them as they are, or customize them further.


KeyboardKit lets you use custom views with the standard system keyboard. You can add any views in and around it, replace any keys with custom views, and even switch out the entire keyboard view.