KeyboardKit Pro - Trial Version

The KeyboardKit Pro trial lets you try all pro features before purchasing.

KeyboardKit Pro icon

KeyboardKit Pro requires a commercial license, but you can test all the pro features with the free trial version before deciding to buy.

The trial version requires that you set up your app and keyboard with a certain bundle ID and trial license key. You will not be able to send the app to the App Store with the trial version enabled.

Just reach out with some information about your company and app to get information on how to activate the trial version.

Demo App

You can try most pro features without a trial version and without having to write a single line of code. Just visit the GitHub project for a demo keyboard that is pre-configured with a Gold license.

App Store

You can also try most pro features by downloading the KeyboardKit app from the App Store. It’s a bit dated, but will soon be updated with the latest and greatest technologies.